Anti UV Material

UV PROTECTION fabrics contains anti UV additive, an excellent source in blocking UV rays, in the core of filament. This technology eliminates the transparence effect, which is a common problem often found with conventional polyester material.

UV PROTECTIVE fabrics significantly protects skin from harmful UV rays and provides effective sun blocking.

UV-Blocking :
UV PROTECTION yarn contains UV resistant additive which can effectively block UV Rays and providing cool comfort and allowing you to enjoy activities under the sun.

High Absorbency:
UV PROTECTION yarn quickly absorbs moisture and diffuses it to the larger outer area of the textile. In addition, it has cross-shaped structure that facilitates repelling out moisture and perspiration through grooves on cross-section, providing dryness and comfort.

Soft Feel :
UV PROTECTION yarn has multiple cross-shaped cross sectional structure that adds functionality and comfort to textiles, offering comfortable feel for sportswear, leisure wear or intimate clothing.